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Frage: The biological classification of the wolf is 'meat-eating mammal of a dog's family'. Then which animal among the following is not a 'meat-eating mammal from a dog's family'?

Antwort: No answer.

Frage: How far (km) can a wolf's scent reach?

Antwort: 2.4 km

Frage: What should you do to make a pet grow faster?

Antwort: Makes a pet hit a monster a lot.

Frage: Choose the wrong description on the breeding of wolves.

Antwort: Pregnancy is nine months.

Frage: Which one among the following does a wolf not eat?

Antwort: No answer

Frage: What kind of wolf leads the rest when it comes to hunting in a pack?

Antwort: Male

Frage: There is no exact data on the life span of a wild wolf. Then how long does a wolf in the zoo normally live?

Antwort: 12-15 years

Frage: The following are descriptions on the life of a wolf. Choose the wrong description among the choices.

Antwort: A pregnant wolf makes its home in a wide open place to have its babies.

Frage: The following are descriptions about the wolf. Choose the right one among the choices.

Antwort: A grown wolf is still not as heavy as a fully-grown male adult human.

Frage: The following connections are made between the wolves in the Lineage world and their habitats. Which of the following is not connected properly?

Antwort: Orc - Black Wolf

Frage: Normally, how would a wolf's tail be positioned?

Antwort: It's tail is always pointing straight down.

Frage: The owner can use its pet for many different purposes. Which one of the following is not the purpose of a pet use?

Antwort: Makes to go to the village and buy items rather than sending on an errand.

Frage: What is the name of this animal which is in the wolf family and was thought to live 2,500,000-10,000 years ago? It is said that its body and skull were big and heavy, but its brains were so small that it is assumed that its intelligence weren't very high.

Antwort: Dire Wolf

Frage: The pet shall disappear forever if you can't resurrect it within a certain amount of time. What is the maximum amount of time to resurrect a pet?

Antwort: 3 minutes